100% Pure, Natural and Organic Wheatgrass Juice From Our Family Farms

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Pioneers of the only wheatgrass juice sealed without heating plastic.

The only premium wheatgrass juice available on the market.

Free overnight shipping, guaranteed to arrive completely frozen.

Raw, unpasteurized and grown above USDA organic standards.

Field grown and GMO-free for the healthiest juice possible.

The world's 1st portable wheatgrass juice, affordable from $1.25 each.

Flash-frozen at -76°f within 2 minutes of juicing to preserve enzymes and nutrients.

No mess 1 oz packets with cap and tear notches allow for easy use of product as defrosted juice or as frozen juice cube.

Thrive Wheatgrass was founded by 3 friends intent on producing the first Premium 100% Wheatgrass Juice Shot available at a competitive price. We studied our competitors products closely, and improved on them in every way that we possibly could.

Our farm is located on never-sprayed, secluded, heritage land situated at high altitude.  We grow our wheatgrass using methods and standards that exceed USDA Organic.

Our specialized washing and ring-dry process ensures our grass is fully clean, while entering the juicer without water so you receive juice that is not watered down. Our packets are sealed without heat to ensure our juice maintains it’s unpasteurized integrity. Our convenient single use, dual extraction format ensures you only open what you intend to consume, in the way you intend to consume it, preserving the juice from oxidization while allowing you to enjoy our juice anywhere!

Convenience And Quality Beyond All Others

Credit card sized packet

1 oz packets ensure you only open what you need, when you need it.

use with shakes & Juices

Tear the notches at the bottom of the packet to slide the whole cube out.

take a shot on the go

Twist off the cap to enjoy a shot of defrosted juice wherever you are.

Thrive Wheatgrass: Your Pass to a Healthy Lifestyle

Thrive Wheatgrass Juice packets are available for purchase in 4 different quantities, from as low as $1.25 per 1 oz packet with FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING included! Your wheatgrass juice shipment leaves our powerful deep freezers at -22°f, and arrives at your door fully frozen with the help of our thick walled insulated shipping coolers and saline ice packs sent by UPS Express or Fedex Priority service. We ship to all of the US and Canada


Taking Wheat Grass juice has really helped with my energy levels throughout the day. I make sure to take 2 packets in the morning and 2 before bed.  Its just part of my daily routine now and I can’t go back to being without it!

Sarah, Los Angeles, California

This stuff has been a blessing for me, the packaging is so convenient and easy to use in comparison to other wheatgrass juice I have ordered, I feel a higher level of energy through the day because I am able to take your product with me rather than just having it as part of my morning routine. Highly recommend this product.

John, Gainesville, Georgia

Welcome To Our Family Farm

Thrive Wheatgrass is located in Grand Valley, Ontario, Canada.  Nestled along the banks of the Grand River and surrounded by it’s mineral rich headwaters, our 50 acre farm has never seen any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides applied in its lifetime.

A lot of searching went into finally finding the perfect farm to grow our wheatgrass, as we were insistent that the soil be of impeccable quality, organic compliant and completely free of heavy metals, chemicals and fertilizers.

At the same time we were insistent that the farm not be subject to cross contamination from other agricultural operations. For these reasons we chose our remote location on the 20th side road of Grand Valley which is surrounded by conservation land managed by the Grand River Conservation Authority.

There are no industrial operations, or major roadways near our farm, in fact you would be hard pressed to see a single car pass a within a whole hour. Our field was once a pasture for organic cattle which has naturally nourished the already rich glacial soil. We use old world farming techniques with a cutting edge juicing and freezing process to harness all that nature has to offer, ensuring Thrive Wheatgrass is the purest and healthiest unpasteurized outdoor grown Wheatgrass Juice possible.  We are completely GMO-free, chemical-free and are currently working on the 15 month process of obtaining our Organic Certification. We produce North America’s first single serve Wheatgrass shot from home because our passion and energy are focused on bringing this life changing product to everyone who needs it at an affordable price.

Lance Pellettier

Founder and Agricultural Engineer